From a very young age, Edward was immersed into the business world through his families mining company based in China with the mines located in Mexico. After attending University of Houston, Edward was given the responsibility of running his families company. Not only did he continue production for many years, but Edward was also able to bring the company to new heights. He was able to increase the companies revenue while decreasing the expenses tactfully without harming the quality production. After seeing his own potential, he decided to expand his business into various industries while maintaining the mines. From transportation, automotive, communications, and even retail, he started many companies based here in Houston, TX. Many of which have become very successful to this day.

Through his families business as well as the many start ups, Edward had gained a large business network. This in turn has given him the ability to successfully close many business transactions for many of his associates. Whether an investor is looking for land acquisition or funding for a project, Edward certainly has a large enough network to get the job done.


Through helping out many others with their endeavors, Edward wanted to create a very different policy for his company. An open door policy. No its not like your average company that has an open door policy for their employees. He wanted to make sure not only his staff could come to him, but anyone around the world. "I want to have the most diverse network. I want anyone from a college student to big business CEO's come sit with me and  potentially discuss the next big idea. And of course see if we can make it happen". This characteristic of Edward's has already lead to great previous success as well as future ventures already taken place.


 "My entire goal for myself is to create something so great so I can leave a legacy behind for my future kids"

Our Team

Edward Yip

Jake R. Shafer

          Mr. Shafer’s success started from a charity drive he created and organized in south Texas for DeGeorge’s Homeless Veterans Shelter. In the 5 years of selfless service he committed to the veterans, Jake was able to change the lives of all the resident veterans and help them find a way back into society. Jake was not only recognized on a city and state level, but on a national level as well.


After attending Sam Houston State University, Jake was offered to work for the nation’s biggest marine transportation company, Kirby Corporation. Through his hard work ethic and amiable character, Jake had built a vast network. He had started a small business networking company connecting individuals and companies that could utilize one another on different ventures.


After seeing Jake’s success, morals, values, and motivation, Edward Yip brought Jake on board and created P.W.I. Investment Group, Inc. together. Not only did Jake help oversee projects Edward brought with him to the company, but he also delivered several projects in their first year working together. These included commercial development projects, investment platforms, small business startups, and even Hollywood motion picture proposals for funding. It did not just stop there. Jake is also the one responsible for bringing P.W.I. into the oil and gas industry.


“It really is all about who you know. Having a great deal of contacts can be worth more than any degree you will ever receive. I am very thankful to so many for the opportunity I was given. I would have never imagined becoming the Co-founder/ Vice President of any company without dedicating at least 20 years of employment.”

Co-Founder/Vice President

Sandy Matos

Director of Project Development

          With several years of business management experience, P.W.I. is very fortunate to work alongside Mr. Matos. Another former student of University of Houston, Sandy’s studies focused on Business Administration and Management. After just a couple years of training and building a vast network, he developed Salon Matos Corporation in 1999. Focusing on this unique industry, Sandy was able to bring one of the most successful luxury salons to the Houston area. With 68 employees, some of his responsibilities included training, implementing safety protocols, staying in compliance for auditing purposes, and finding cost effective alternatives for orders, vendors, and suppliers. Sandy didn’t just want his company to make more money. He was also able to provide his stylists with 6 figure incomes within 5 years.

Seeing the success of Salon Matos, Sandy opened Paul Mitchell The School, in Houston, TX with Winn Claybaugh (Dean of Paul Mitchell Schools) and the man himself John Paul DeJoria (CEO of John Paul Michell Systems). This smart investment had given him the ability to hire students trained to the highest level for Salon Matos. For 18 years, he was able to deliver a different luxurious experience to its customers as well as a very rewarding career to its employees.

After knowing him for a couple years and seeing his success, it was no question to bring Sandy to the P.W.I. family. His successful background has certainly followed him. Just starting in the beginning of 2017, Sandy has already brought in a vast network for many of the company’s current projects. He has worked non-stop to provide the company with the best shipping logistics companies for our clients and new potential buyers for barite. P.W.I. couldn’t have asked for better representation for the company and its projects.

Shehbaz Alwani

Director of International Sales

Mr. Shehbaz Alwani most certainly has the experience. A graduate of Texas State University, Shehbaz was a Dean’s List Recipient (Bachelors of Business Administration-Finance). While attending college, he worked his way up from being a teller at Texas First Bank to the position of Commercial Underwriter 1 at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Shehbaz holds dozens of certifications in Business Finance, is bi-lingual in English and Urdu, and belongs to several well known organizations. This success came in as little as 3 years.

Throughout all of his endeavors, Shehbaz continued to push further. He started to network within his organizations only to find more doors of opportunity. During this time, we were fortunate enough to make the connection with Shehbaz. It only took that first introduction to find that not only did we want him on our team, but that our company could learn and grow from his experience.

Mr. Alwani has and continues to deliver that consistent hard work ethic that is rare to find. We at P.W.I. found the real profit and success from Shehbaz is not creating or closing deals. It's his personal character, extensive experience, and strong determination that he brings to the table. 

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