Pacific Winds International, Ltd.

Parent company located in China. It is our primary financial management company that oversees all of our businesses and projects.

Pacific Winds International Mining Development, SA.dE.C.V

Located in Mexico, we own various mines containing gold, silver, iron, copper, and tin.

Guangzhou Drilling, Ltd.

Holds ownership over our barite mines.

E&J Drilling Supplies, Inc.

Currently our proposed barite brand name in the global market.


P.W.I. owns China's second largest barite supply. Located in the Guizhou Province, we are able to ship globally. Our active mine has a proven reserve of 6 million tons of barite that can be crushed to 4.2 gravity powder. This has an estimated production life of 10 years. We also have a dormant mine with 10 million proven reserve.


We are currently able to produce 600,000 metric tons annually.

Every 45 days we can produce a 55,000 MT vessel

Every 35 days we can produce a 35,000 MT vessel

More information

Please contact us for more information. We are more than willing to provide specs and SDS. If you would like a quote, please e-mail us at

Pricing can very depending on tonnage, packing, and port(s) of delivery.

Land Acquisition

P.W.I. has been working with some of Houston's biggest oil and gas companies to provide potential clients various opportunities.

Whether you are looking for land acquisition or you are trying to find an investor, P.W.I. has a very experienced team that can help those needs.

We have spent countless hours on facilitating land acquisition projects in the southern United States. From small production fields to $200 million dollar assets, our team does not place a limit on size.

Other Opportunities

P.W.I. receives many projects that are in need for investors interested in drilling, start up companies, and business ventures.

We can provide the business summary of each project we have received and are current in need of capital upon request.

Interest in investments have been rising due too the oil and gas economy. If you are an investor interested in new opportunities, please contact us immediately. If we do not have any opportunities at the time being, please provide us with details in regards to what kind of investment you are searching for.


Oil and Gas Opportunities


Freight Forwarding Services


P.W.I. is the exclusive freight forwarder for a large Chinese Governmental Agency. We provide the logistics needed for importing and exporting cargo throughout all the ports worldwide. 

Below is is a list of some of our current cargo...

  • Food (dry and frozen)

  • Household Goods

  • Vehicles

  • Furniture

  • Steel

  • Glass

  • Aluminum Products



P.W.I. works with every major shipping container company to provide you with the best service and price. Regardless of the shipping destination, we will handle all requirements for the import/export countries to your specifications.

If you are in need of these services or trying to explore other cost-effective options please contact us.

Information Needed

Below are a few details we need to understand the services required for a quote. If you include your costs through your current provider, we will see if we can meet or beat their price.

  • Shipment Size

  • Container Size

  • Cargo

  • Port(s) of Delivery

  • Timeline

  • Insurance*

  • Specifications*

* If you are not self insured, insurance can be included with your quote from the shipping company.

* Special requirements such as frozen containers will be needed for a quote.

List of Companies

P.W.I. Investment Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries follow more traditional practices. We believe in long term relationships with our business partners. Building strong relations leads to a more profitable future for both parties as well as a stronger network. This policy we stand by has brought much success to P.W.I. and their business partnerships.

We stand behind our quality of product and work. From the ground up, we provide and execute the highest level of professionalism, customer satisfaction, confidentiality, safety, security, and help needed for any opportunity presented.

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