We are always open to new opportunities.


Transportation, commercial development, energy, stocks, currency, business acquisitions, commercial shipping, consulting, technology, commercial retail, automotive, start ups, investments, funding, land acquisition, oil and gas, etc...It does not matter! 

Here at P.W.I., we want you to bring us the next greatest idea. Too many times have we all witnessed someone think of something great, but they never had the right network or the capital to achieve success.

We want to change that. Our team will devote their time to sit an listen to your ideas, proposals, or projects. No matter your age, experience, or location. We have learned some of the greatest success have come from the least likely individuals.

Our network we have created is very diverse and strong because of this policy we stand by. P.W.I. has worked with everyone from CEOs of large corporations to young entrepreneurs straight out of high school.

If you are in need of funding for a project, trying to sell your idea, or looking to invest...Please email us!


Be sure to include details in regards to what you or your company is contacting us about. We will make sure your email is directed to the appropriate person and responded to swiftly.

What We Are Looking For

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